Dolt Scouts

Badge List

Here is a partial list of badges. Badges for learning a skill or making something should include instructions for earning the badge. (Generally, that's how a new badge becomes available - someone learns how to do/make something and teaches another scout if possible.)

This will likely never be a complete list. It will have the basic badges to become a Dolt Scout and form a troop, and some other general badges to give troops more ideas.

Note that these are loosely defined categories. Skill for learning or making usually (example: learning to make something for the troop, by making it). Activity generally for event-based badges or accomplishment not involving learning or building (example: attending a special troop event). Categories are subject to being misleading and/or wrong. That's ok.

Badges should not be awarded for past activies. Climbed Mt. Everest a few years back? Well, do it again AFTER becoming a Dolt Scout if you want that badge.

Skill Badges

Badgemaking Badge (start here)
Sash Making
Troop Banner Holder
Cable Wrapping

Omelette Making (Coming Soon)

Axe Throwing (Coming Soon)

Activity Badges

Under Construction Bulldozer

DiscUS - Play Disc Golf with other Dolt Scouts (or if you can't/don't want to join others, try to coordinate and play on the same day as others)

Neighborly Green Thumb - Start a Community Garden

FIRST! - Be the first to earn a particular Super Challenge Badge

I'm Gonna Be - Walk 500 miles, then walk 500 more

Federated Pixel Art attempt at copying the Matsodon logo - Join the Fediverse! Join (or better yet, create your own and teach other scouts how to get a second badge!) Mastodon, PeerTube, or one of the other open source, federated alternatives to crappy online services. If you join Mastodon, be sure to say hi to!

Super Challenge Badges

Classic Climber - Climb Mount Everest

OK... Now What? - Become President of your Country

10,000 Years of Solitude - Read 100 Years of Solitude once a year for 100 years

Total Recall - Get your ass to Mars