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Techincal Support

Issue: I’m having trouble with
Response: Sorry, need to interrupt here… have you tried turning it off and on again?
You’re Welcome

Issue: My portable record player is playing the record at too high of a speed.
Response: Good question. After making sure the speed setting is correct, does your record still sound like it is turning too quickly? Like this?

Please read all instructions before beginning, and follow all Safety Instructions. Remember, saftey is important.
First make sure everything is unplugged.
Unplugged Turntable

There are several screws on the back (bottom) of the record player (shown below) which could be removed to open the back.

Back of turntable, with screwdriver

If you read the safety warning on the back of the player, you know not do do this.

Instead, you can open the cover and near the spindle is a clip which can be removed, allowing you to pop the platter off.

Platter removed, revealing belt drive

There is a belt inside which gets driven by the motor and loops around the base of the platter. This may have come loose and be riding up too high, causing the increased rotation speed. Note: if you have removed the platter, it will almost certainly have come off.

It took everything I had to get the belt back in the drive and around the base.
The result? See for yourself!

No help, and I almost completely broke it.

Leave appliance repairs to professionals I guess.

NOTE- I did not earn a badge for repairing a turntable.

Issue: I think I need better tech support…
Response: I highly recommend it. After I upgraded from my old small particle-board cabinet to a nice wooden desk and metal shelving unit, my technology has much better support and I can comfortably fit twice as much without worrying about things falling or breaking.

Issue: My tech needs support.
Response: Tell your technician that they are good enough, smart enough, and doggonnit people like them.
Make sure they know that you believe in them and trust them.
Remind your tech that doing your best does NOT mean giving 100% all the time, that would be lethal. It means doing today’s best today - understanding that some days are better than others and doing as much as you can today without sacrificing tomorrow is what doing your best is all about.