Dolt Scouts

Sash Making

Every Dolt Scout should be able to display their badges and they should be able to display at least some of them in a mobile fashion (for attending meetings), whether in a wearable or carry-able fasion.

Scouts are encouraged to make their own sashes (to earn another badge to attach to it!), but it is acceptable to have another make it for you if necessary. Check with your Dolt Scout Troop Leaders if concerned.

NOTE: The term "sash" will be generally used, and it will most likely be made of fabric, but other formats are acceptable. Other examples could be (but are not limited to) a small banner, flag, standard, hat, or scroll. Two examples will be provided, using similar materials.

First gather your material.

cloth (old pants with holes in them)

Cut your fabric to the desired shape and size. You may want to hold on to any scraps or miscut pieces, as they could be useful later. For example a thin strip of leftover cloth can be reattached to the top of a scroll to make a simple way of hanging it.

poorly cut cloth

Affix the ends of your sash together in whatever manner is appropriate for your desired style. In the case of a scroll or standard, affix your cloth to a wooden dowel or appropriate substitute.

sash being held up
sash being worn

Congratulations! You can now wear your badges with pride! Don't forget to celebrate your accomplishment (in a manner approprite to your age/situation/desires please).

whisky and jalapeƱo cheetos

Submitted by Fore Tee Three (aka Trixy) Troop-1