Dolt Scouts

Troop Banner Holder Badge

Your Troop will likely want to display the troop banner at Dolt Scout Troop Meetings.

You can help by making sure your troop has a dedicated banner holder. Here are two options to support your troop, support the banner, and earn the Troop Banner Holder Badge.

Option 1:

Hold the banner up for the entire meeting. It is acceptable to have a partner hold up the other side... in fact you may both earn the badge if you do a good job!

Option 2:

Construct a dedicated banner holder. You can make any type of holder... hanging cables, a picture frame which can be mounted to a wall, etc. I recommend constructing a simple frame out of PVC or large wooden dowels. The rest of this guide assumes PVC.

Remember to be safe with your tools, or have a professional help you.

First assemble your supplies, in this case some lengths of PVC pipe and some fittings to connect them together. Lengths and fittings depend on desired size and shape of the banner holder.

pvc pipe and fittings

IMPORTANT: If you are cutting the pipe or dowels etc. yourself, you should repeat the following mantra _ three_ times before starting.

>My lap is not a mitre box. My car is not a workbench.

Assemble the pipe and the fittings. You can use PVC glue to make the frame a permantent fixture, but I recommend just sticking the pieces together by hand, so it can be partially dismantled for portability. You can use much shorter lengths of PVC in fittings to make "feet" for stability.

a pvc frame
foot of frame - short lengths of pipe connected together

Depending on how stable your frame is, you may want to weigh down the feet when the banner holder is in use.

backpack sitting on pvc feet

Bonus lessons learned: I should not be allowed to use a reciprocating saw. Fortunately no injuries or harm resulted, but I was not being very much a Dolt to use the tool without understanding it. Also, remember to clean up after yourself. A good way to be a Dolt and be nice to people is to not leave a mess behind after your projects.

shop vac

Submitted by Fore Tee Three (aka Fricksy) Troop-1